Demon I

Reviewed by Mark Holmes - Metal Discovery 

The Review


Reviewed by Martin McCann - New Hellfire Club

The Review

White Noise

"It’s been mentioned to me that ‘because of my age’ I might want to take things ‘a little easy – or maybe stop what I’m doing’. FUCK OFF!"

The Interview

Indie Music

"The best insult I’ve ever had was when an agency booker asked our manager if he had trained them (the girls) – like we were fucking dogs!"

The Interview

Artificial Womb

"That's fucking fantastic news.....I can now officially put on my DM’s and rip the world a new arsehole!"

The Interview

Metal Discovery

"I won't be bullied; I wont be taken for a ride."

The Interview

Hellfire Club

"We took care never to break any laws regarding the content of our stage shows in any country or territory. "